Kitchen Garden

Big Day in Big Grove

Late Spring Seedlings

Sunrise is in half an hour and the high ambient temperature is expected upper 80s to low 90s this afternoon.

I want to get as much garden work as possible finished before noon.

That means only a few minutes in front of the computer screen then outdoors.

I got a copy of the voting records from the May 30 special election in Solon. It can be a time suck and while very interested I set it aside to focus on the garden and other work at hand.

Yesterday at the home, farm and auto supply store I wrangled a squeeze chute. It is a large machine designed to hold cattle and horses stable, without injuring them, while they are examined, branded or given vaccines or other veterinary treatments. We sell only a couple of these expensive, specialized pieces of equipment each year. My objective was to take it out of the semi-trailer, reload it on a couple of pallets and traverse the bumpy parking lot from one corner of the store to the opposing one. I drove the forklift very slowly. Once in the outdoors display area, I lined it up with two others and locked it down. This is part of the “farm” aspect of our retail outlet. I managed the process without damaging the squeeze chute.

It was a work week looking toward the weekend. Now that Saturday morning is here it’s time to get outside. Here’s hoping for a good day in my kitchen garden.