Week Night Productivity Window

Pepper Transplants with Broccoli

Between arrival home from the home, farm and auto supply store and sunset were three hours to work outside. I did.

I watered the garden, rolled up the garden hose, repaired the bird feeder, and emptied the kitchen compost bucket.

Broccoli and kale seedlings look good. After a third day of conditioning outside, they should be ready to go into the ground. I transplanted the hot pepper plants to larger containers. Three varieties in this batch: cayenne (8 each), conchos jalapeno (1 each) and early jalapeno (23 each).

It felt like I got something done. That’s saying something in a life consumed with work.

A gardener never knows what a season will yield. We keep busy planning and doing things to grow a crop to share with family, friends and neighbors. A window of daylight and temperate conditions can be well used on a week night.

It’s where we live — on the margin between hope and despair.

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