Lingering Holidays

1970s To-Do List

Bound 1970s To-Do Lists

We decided to keep holiday decorations up until after inauguration day.

The prospect of a new administration we won’t like has us dragging our feet.

Dregs remain of the half gallon of ultra-pasteurized half and half I bought at the warehouse club for holiday cooking.

I poured another tablespoon for morning coffee.

One day I made pancakes using half and half and an old flour mixture found in a Mason jar. I made a stack with home made pear butter instead of syrup. The expiration date on the milk carton was yesterday.

Holiday cards remain in the basket, we received a call from our daughter who is starting a new job, and Saturday I plan to visit Mother in my home town. I got a haircut yesterday after work at the home, farm and auto supply store. I consulted with a friend about pruning her fruit trees. I’ll work at three farms this season. I’m cranking up a life, but the inauguration and what it represents drags enthusiasm.

Wednesday I wrote my editor:

My post about rain is scheduled for Friday at 5 a.m.

There is so much upsetting in politics this week I’m having trouble sustaining the pretense of normal. At least Obama continues to act presidential.

Bill Palmer pointed out yesterday Trump’s response to his inauguration is to put up a Jumbotron obscuring the view of the Lincoln Memorial so all can see and hear Trump. It’s a sign of the times and I don’t like it. So typical of what I expect from our narcissistic president-elect.

I couldn’t listen to all of the DeVos questioning because it was too brutal, and sad for our country. I think I liked it better when Reagan said he was going to eliminate the Department of Education rather than the idea of putting this creature of wealth and privilege in charge of it.

Then there’s the “debate” on enabling women who have had an abortion to sue their doctors. I’m going to make myself listen to the audio put up by Radio Iowa, even though I don’t want to. Not now, though. Maybe the weekend.

Sorry to be such a downer this morning, but if there is hope, it comes from knowing we did the right thing by electing Barack Obama president.

And so it goes Kurt Vonnegut famously said.

The half and half may last until the weekend when it will be time to put away decorations and embrace new life during the post-Obama reality. The best treatment is to get busy with work worth our time and energy. Read books, write articles, and plan the garden. Such activities serve as fit occupations until the meaning of the next four political years is revealed.

I won’t believe what the D.C. Jumbotrons will present and neither should any of us as we struggle against political winds.

Such struggle defines our character even though we already know who we are.

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