Wednesday at The Java House


A small group of writers met at The Java House in the county seat last night to consider what’s next. It was my first outing with friends since the general election.

Consensus was it’s too late to complain about the president elect and his coming administration. The election is over, the Electoral College meets Dec. 19 in each state to cast their votes, and electors are expected to vote for each state’s winners.

All of us supported Hillary Clinton yet Donald Trump’s margin of victory in Iowa was 9.4 points. The fact ours was one of six Iowa counties voting for Clinton was cold comfort.

At the same time there is energy from a variety of sources to resist Republicans and their agenda at all levels.

What are we willing to do?

As a low wage worker my main challenge is building bandwidth for community organizing. It won’t be easy in 2017, the last year before my “full retirement.” In addition to budgeting income from a half dozen seasonal jobs, I need time and energy to organize.

Other challenges include picking activities where my efforts can make a difference. I don’t know what exactly that means today. The focus should be less on issues and more about process — how we arrived in Trumpland, and how we get out.

Here is a short list of things a person can do:

Set aside regular time to work on community organizing.

Join together with friends to work on what matters most.

Set specific goals and timelines.

Meet new people.

Advocate for Democratic principles in public places, writing for publication in newspapers and participating in local media coverage of events.

Hold meaningful events that engage community members.

This list represents a small step toward being an occupier of the society Republicans have made on our historic turf. Something essential to sustaining a life in a turbulent world.