September Song

Rainbow at Wild Woods Farm

Rainbow at Wild Woods Farm

An air traffic controller can land only one airplane at a time and so it is with us.

Life’s cornucopia brings many gifts. Midst the abundance of life’s instance what’s essential for a sixty-something is reliance on a foundation built over time and selecting single tasks related to grand plans as well as we can.

August and this summer has been a great success, a disaster, a drain and an inspiration all at the same time. 37 days into 100 Days of Work it is time to take stock and see what makes it through the funnel of current interests related to longer term plans. It is also time to consider rainbows.

I plan to take a brief hiatus, a week or two, to take stock of the ongoing harvest of produce, and ideas. Then I plan to go on living. Hope to see you on the flip side.

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