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100 Days of Work

Locally Grown Sweet Corn
Locally Grown Sweet Corn

Today begins 100 straight days of work.

Monday through Friday I’ll be at the home, farm and auto supply store, Saturday and Sunday at the orchard, and in between there is writing, gardening, cooking, home maintenance, yard work and living.

It’s not a life of fun. It is doing what’s needed to sustain a life in Iowa.

I bought two new pair of blue jeans to accommodate the new schedule and get by with once a week laundry. Other than that, the logistics were already in place and I’m ready to go.

Next week I begin editing Blog for Iowa — at least one post a day. The 23 August posts have been roughly framed, although what happens in society will drive what gets posted when. I’m looking forward to posting 500-600 words daily.

Preseason Saturday at Wilson's Orchard
Preseason Saturday at Wilson’s Orchard

On Saturday at the orchard cars were lined up for preseason raspberries, blueberries and Lodi apples. With 50+ people in line, I didn’t go inside. If this crowd was any indication it’s going to be a very busy season.

I will work in the sales barn although the chief apple officer and his operations manager weren’t sure what I’ll be doing opening weekend. The octogenarian friend who got me the job four years ago has given up driving the tractor-trailer that provides tours. I enjoy working at the orchard because it is a nexus of contact with people I’ve known most of my life.

Missing is a plan to get enough rest in the coming days. While not a high priority, it needs consideration. I better get on that too.