Winter Begins

Coffee Station

Coffee Station

Tomorrow is winter solstice and I’m ready for days to get longer. A new year’s hope begins.

We spent yesterday decorating the house for the Christmas holiday. I ate a slice of the fruitcake sent by Mom.

This morning I’m drinking coffee from the Boynton reindeer Christmas mug, and settling into habits formed long ago. It is time for year end reflection and planning.

I posted on Facebook:

Went to Wilson’s Orchard​ yesterday and bought two gallons apple cider, a baker’s dozen Gold Rush apples and 12 pounds frozen Montmorency cherries. The cherries were grown in Michigan which produces ~90,000 tons of the fruit each year. The ancient Romans are credited with finding this cherry near the Black Sea and propagating it in the Roman Empire. It is named for the Montmorency region near Paris, France. We mix them with plain strained yogurt and granola for a meal substitute.

In other holiday news, we put up the holiday tree and I placed the big order for garden seeds from Johnny’s Selected Seeds​. There are a lot left over from last year, so the order was smaller than usual. I plan a gigantic plot of radishes, some of which I hope to convert to cash to donate to Physicians for Social Responsibility – Iowa Chapter​. Next step is to look at the Seed Saver’s Exchange and pick out some kind of red bean for drying, along with some one-time experimental seeds.

We are making a sincere effort to locate the remote control that operates the analog to digital converter on the television. Might watch a VHS Christmas movie if we can find it.

Best wishes for a happy holiday season and a Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it.

I ordered a new vacuum cleaner on line from Hoover last night, and garden seeds from the Seed Savers Exchange this morning. Holiday shopping is done if one can call it that. I work at the home, farm and auto supply store all but two of the 11 remaining days this year, helping shoppers make purchases as this year transitions to next.

There’s the ten grand, but I can’t lose sleep over that — at least not yet.

And thus the next orbit of the sun begins. May God shine light on all of us as our search for truth and meaning continues. May our actions further social justice and a hospitable environment in which to live.

Rain fell last night leaving a wet landscape. Soon it will be time to make breakfast — and get ready for the trip across the lakes.

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