After the Ten Grand

Winter Garden Prep

Winter Garden Prep

Most creative Americans I know have a sense of responsibility about their lives. Artists, writers and musicians accept lowly paid creative work when they can get it and find other, supplemental funds to pay bills.

We all have bills and there are consequences for failing to pay them.

It is a constant struggle, leading some to selling plasma, taking physically demanding and dangerous work, working in call centers, retail, farming and the food business. Occasionally we sell artwork, writing or music. The struggle is important, and life remains about the creative process. I’ve discussed selling plasma with visual artists and low wage workers who do, and it’s not for me — at least not yet.

Another ten grand should help our family make it through 2016 responsibly. Twenty would be better. I’ll find it somewhere.

Earthworms crawled along the bottom of the garage door, fleeing groundwater. The lawn is greening after the big snow storm followed by rain. Water stands in the ditch with temperatures forecast in the 40s through the end of the year. It’s not normal.

Another crazy weather episode in a life increasingly filled with them.

It is hard to concentrate on the big picture and will be until I have a plan for that ten grand.

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