Rain Came

Garden When Rain Came

Garden When Rain Came

LAKE MACBRIDE— It rained on plans to work in the garden and yard. So now, the long lawn will wait until the next dry, sunny day; weeds are getting respite from being chopped; and the garage is clean enough for one auto. After the last, I went upstairs to the kitchen and processed vegetables for a meal— dinner of fresh asparagus, rice, salad greens with chopped vegetables and a veggie burger. And radishes. And spring onions. And soup stock with vegetables past their prime— mixed greens, asparagus stems, onion, celery, carrot and bay leaves. Simple fare for a simple life.

I have written about 2,000 words in two articles today, making this my third. Writing brings a sense of calm and I need that now. Better medicine than the antibiotics for my frying pan burn or the iced tea with blended whiskey. Writing works through our tension and helps release one’s cares, at least for a brief time. We write to clarify things. To straighten out a turbulent life, and by creating a narrative, yield understanding. That’s what we hope.

It doesn’t always work that way. But for now… rain came, dinner’s ready to cook, and what else is there to do on the Iowa prairie?

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  1. It was quite a nice rain in Oxford, more gentle than many in the past. I worked in my garden all through the rain because it was cool and there were no bugs. I was chilled afterward, had a warm shower, followed by hot chocolate. Then to work on spaghetti sauce from last summers canned tomatoes, dried roma tomatoes, garlic, and dried herbs. Micki and Michael spent the late afternoon at Adventureland for his birthday party. They dodged the rain, in the end had the whole park pretty much to themselves, and did many of the rides three times. They should be home around 10 pm for a late spaghetti supper. Golden sunset after the clouds cleared. Right now it is quiet and just me and the cat. Not a bad day.


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