Guest Editor

Blog for Iowa

LAKE MACBRIDE— Trish Nelson, editor of Blog for Iowa, will be taking a summer break and I’ll be pinch hitting as weekday editor from July 15 until Sept. 2. I’m looking forward to regular posting on the Online Information Resource for Iowa’s Progressive Community.

The blog originated in the wake of the Howard Dean for President campaign when John Kerry won the Iowa Caucuses in 2004 and Dean dropped out of the race. Dr. Alta Price, a pathologist from Davenport, helped lead Democracy for Iowa, and decided to publish Blog for Iowa, a role she continues to play today. The first post is here, although what may be most relevant from it today is this statement, “we also seek to make Democracy for Iowa a place where all progressives and moderates are welcome, whether they consider themselves Democrats or not.” More than 5,000 posts later, Blog for Iowa continues to present a progressive viewpoint and maintain a friendly relationship with Democracy for America, the organizational successor to Dean for America.

When I write original content for Blog for Iowa, it will be cross posted on this site a day later. Among the topics will be the challenges of temporary workers in Iowa; implications for Iowa of the immigration legislation working through the U.S. Congress; Iowa’s role in mitigating and adapting to climate change (not the same thing); and occasional posts on energy policy, local food system issues, and peace and justice activities in the state.

I hope you’ll check in at Blog for Iowa from time to time, and continue to read my original content on On Our Own. It should make a great end to an already fine summer of 2013.