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Third Month of Apple Season

I picked low-hanging fruit from the Red Delicious apple tree last week. All that’s left is dangling red orbs high above the reach of my 20-foot ladder plus 10-foot picker. Most of those apples will fall to the ground for … Continue reading

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Politics 2019

Lest my silence be interpreted as acceptance of the 45th president and his administration’s actions in the run up to the 2016 election and during his tenure as president, let me make it clear. Donald J. Trump should be removed … Continue reading

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Summer Presidential Candidate Weekend

Even a grumpy Gus takes in the hoopla of the 2020 Democratic presidential nominating process going on in Iowa this weekend. Ann Selzer’s Iowa poll, released last night, shows the top tier of candidates has been reduced to two: Elizabeth … Continue reading

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Main Season Apples and Cookery

We’re in the main season at the apple orchard. We survived the madness of Honeycrisp weekend and can settle into some really great fruit like the four varieties of apples in the photo. The Robinette was complexly flavored and super-delicious. … Continue reading

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Signing the Card

SOLON, Iowa — Without fanfare I signed a caucus commitment card for Elizabeth Warren at a friend’s home last night. The occasion was a meet up with our area’s new Warren organizer, Allison Hunt, with whom I’ll be meeting one-on-one … Continue reading

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Democrats Ready to Unite?

Democratic presidential candidates are roaming the state like a swarm of termites seeking an entry point into an American dream. Thus far, Julián Castro found his way to Solon, although to my knowledge, no one else has. This presidential election … Continue reading

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Shared Culture by the Lake

When we moved to Big Grove Township we had expectations about building a life here. These expectations spoke to our shared culture. We built a new home, settled into the public school community and began getting to know people as … Continue reading

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