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School District Politics

I was voter #63 on March 7, 2023.

Three bond measures on yesterday’s ballot passed with required majorities. 18.51 percent of registered voters participated in the election, according to preliminary results released last night by the county auditor.

A curious fact about the election was that 530 people signed the petition for the bond referendum and 632 voted for the bond. One presumes those 530 signers all voted for the ballot measures and made up the majority of votes that resulted in passage.

Based on following local elections for many years, I submit those 530 voters make up the core constituency in school board elections. Without those voters on board, no school board candidate is likely to win an election. While there have been challenges to the school board status quo during the last two cycles, the core constituency candidates won the elections. If an anti-establishment candidate does not recognize this basic aspect of school district politics, and develop a campaign to counter it, there is little chance they can beat the establishment.

Next up is a school board election in the fall when Adam Haluska and Jami Wolf’s current terms expire.

Here are the preliminary results of yesterday’s election. Click on the image to enlarge its size for better reading:

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