Living in Society

Election Day 2023

Polling place at the Catholic Church

There is a school bond election today and I’m voting yes to the $25.5 million the school district wants. The bond might not have been necessary if Republicans in the Iowa legislature had been doing their job to support K-12 public schools instead of ditzing around with which bathroom people use and restricting access to books. I expect the bond to pass with a low-turnout vote.

Today in the Iowa Senate 11 bills are on the debate schedule released yesterday by Republican Senate Majority Leader Jack Whitver. The governor’s education and state government reorganization bills are on the list. So are the bills with restrictions on which bathroom a person can use, and prohibiting trans-gender medical procedures for minors. There is also a ban on “woke” investing of public funds. I intend to lay low after we vote, run a few errands, and let the shit show commence and run its course. Republicans have the votes to pass whatever they deem appropriate, logic and compassion be damned. They are expected to pass most of these bills.

In the meanwhile, I plan to write until we have to leave. Like many people, I don’t see what benefit can be derived from our politics. At least, today that is true.

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