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New Legislative Districts, New People

Woman Writing Letter

We moved to the Solon area in 1993. After redistricting, the new Senate District 46 and House District 91 are my fourth legislative districts. Each time I’ve gotten to know new people and adjusted to changes. I like my prospects for the general election.

Kevin Kinney is the Democrat running for re-election to the Iowa Senate. He farms in Johnson and Iowa counties. With Iowa being an agricultural state, we could use a farmer with his kind of common sense in the legislature. Solon Mayor Steve Stange endorsed Kinney and so do I.

Elle Wyant is running for the open house seat. I met with her at the Solon Beef Days Parade where she drove a classic car she sometimes enters in car shows. She has worked in sales for UPS for almost 20 years and has a tight focus on what she would work on if elected:  education, economic development, and equity. Elle also worked as a row-crop farmer for five years so she knows agriculture. Like Kinney, she is possessed of common sense and would stay focused on her priorities.

The election is three months out. Meanwhile, I hope you will evaluate these candidates. I believe they are worth our votes.

~ Submitted as a letter to the editors of four local newspapers in the new legislative districts.

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