Kitchen Garden

Garden Plot #2

Second garden plot in 2021.

An image of the garden is coming into view. The first plot is garlic planted last October. The second is two kinds of peas, two kinds of radishes, two kinds of carrots, and purple and white turnips. Where the blue tarps are will become a patch of leafy green vegetables: kale, mustard, chard, collards and the like. There are five more plots to plan and their use is rapidly clarifying.

Going forward, the plots will rapidly fill with seeds and plants. One is for onions, shallots and leeks, another devoted to tomatoes, a smaller one devoted to broccoli and the two remaining must contain everything else. There is plenty of room to dig additional plots, yet that’s not on the agenda this year.

The ten-day weather forecast is for overnight lows well above freezing. While there is a danger of frost during the next six weeks, kale and collard seedlings are going into the ground today or tomorrow. If it freezes, I’ll cover the plants with an old bed sheet.

Sunday there was a high risk of grass fire in our area. I had planned to burn off one of the plots along with a brush pile. I thought the better of it. With dry conditions, low humidity, and wind gusts of up to 25 miles per hour, delay was the best decision.

The shelves of the greenhouse are almost full of trays of plants. The heating pad has tomatoes and peppers germinating. The plan is coming together. It will be a rush to get everything in the ground by Memorial Day, the traditional day to finish initial garden planting.

While it was concerning ambient temperatures reached the high seventies yesterday, it appears I can get a crop this year. Fingers crossed that I will.