Kitchen Garden

Seedling Time

Kale Seedlings, April 5, 2021.

Toward sunset I checked the greenhouse. The plants look healthy and unblemished.

There are a couple of empty shelf spaces which will be filled with tomatoes and peppers once the channel trays germinate on the heat pad. The question is when to plant?

My farmer friends posted this note about gardening in Iowa:

It’s really easy on these first nice days to get excited and plant plant plant but we know there’s some frosts still on the horizon! The roller coaster of spring in Iowa keeps us on our toes, but what it delivered today felt pretty dang good.

Local Harvest CSA, Instagram, April 5, 2021.

The ten-day forecast is for overnight lows well above freezing. Despite the risk of frost, I plan to get kale in the ground this week. It will tolerate some frost and I don’t want the seedlings to get root bound. In case the early crop fails, I started back up seedlings.

I walked on the state park trail yesterday afternoon and the place looks pretty bleak. The landscape is of browns and greys. Spring does not appear to have arrived and damage from the Aug. 10, 2020 derecho is noticeable everywhere.

There is hope in the greenhouse and untilled garden. Hope sustains us in the time of contagion.