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Juke Box – Jubilee

Today’s forecast is to be sunny beginning late morning, clear, and with a high of 52 degrees. I’m prepping to get outside and don’t have a lot of availability for screen time and related reading and writing before the sun comes up at 6:43 a.m. in an hour or so. I’m leaving this here.

Have a better Saturday than expected in a time of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Have seen what some other fine singer-songwriters are doing with the webcam and webcast from their home thing makes me admire what Carpenter was able to do there all the more.

Apparently the skills to make that work are not simple, and she managed to figure out a lot I see others still striving for: informal, but still brief, fulfilling, and pointed. It even sounds pretty good from an audio quality standpoint.

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She’s done 5 and they’ve improved production values each time. I noted in this one someone edited out the reach to turn the camera on and off, whereas not in previous ones in the series. I’m a big fan of her music.


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