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Taking a Holiday From Politics

It Took 25 Years to Grow this Tree Stump

There’s not much to add to the national conversation about politics.

Our politics is broken, there’s a constitutional crisis, we have a do-nothing but bolster the richest people Congress, we spend money on defense like we have it, we’re pushing the envelope of livability in our environment, and the sodden features of elected officials are anything but endearing.

We could all use a break.

In Iowa the presidential candidates have been relentless with visits, events and policy proposals. I attended two events, Julián Castro and Elizabeth Warren, and it’s been more than enough. It’s not like there is an earth-shaking personal decision Iowans are required to make any time soon. The better question is who is inspiring enough to garner some of our hard-earned money and volunteer time? I’m drawing a blank. Spring’s slight window would be better spent on activities other than politics.

The allure of spring draws me toward nature… what’s left of it. Thankfully I’m not allergic and can build something in our home and local community. In such work I hope to find inspiration to support a better national political discussion again. Maybe in the fall.

For now, I’ll cultivate the life we’ve chosen in Big Grove, recognizing our connections with the broader world, but placing them on mute for the time being. I’ll write about an occasional political event but there’s plenty to talk about without them.

At least those are my thoughts this spring morning before the dawn.

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