Kitchen Garden

Continuing Spring Rain

Apple Blossoms

I unloaded a flatbed trailer with pallets of soil mixtures in the rain.

It was rain which only partly penetrated the denim in my blue jeans. A day in the life at the home, farm and auto supply store.

Early garden plantings are thriving with generous spring rain. Lots of seedlings near the garage and inside the house wait to be planted. Friday’s forecast is rain will let up, creating a window for working in the garden. I’m ready.

We are at the peak of apple blossom season. Petals have begun to fall and flowers seem to be on every branch. It’s a good start to what could be a great apple season. It goes without saying the blooms are beautiful.

On days like this we reach to appreciate the beauty possible in each moment.

Maybe that’s all there is to this life. If so, it’s a good one.