Dealing with Cold Temperatures

Outdoor ambient temperature Jan. 26, 2019, at 6 a.m.

Images depicting ambient temperature reports have been ubiquitous on social media the last few days.

According to the Weather Channel, temperatures plummet to 25 degrees below zero by Tuesday thanks to a polar vortex.

It’s what I’ve been waiting for to prune apple and pear trees as sap flow is halted by the temperature. Considering the forecast, the best day to prune will be Friday, Feb. 1.

Not everyone likes the cold but I don’t mind. I’ve never had frostbite or chilblains, even while living outdoors in subzero temperatures for a week at a time during military service in Germany. If one takes precautions, risks are minimal.

Once trees are pruned, I’ll be ready for it to warm up.

The cold spell began just as my shifts at the home, farm and auto supply store ended. We are bunkered in with plenty of food, a working furnace and water supply, and an internet connection. As president of our home owners’ association I worry that cold weather will cause a water line break, so fingers crossed. Later today I’ll drive my spouse to work in town so the car doesn’t sit in the snowy cold while she’s there.

Today’s cold weather is like what I recall from childhood. If there is no wind, it is tolerable and welcome. Like every year, winter will turn to spring and everything that means.