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Voting – It’s All We’ve Got

Polling Place

Voting is important because, as regular humans in a world of powerful interests, it’s all we’ve got.

Sure, we can band together with like-minded people and be stronger together. However, as Americans, a rugged individualism runs through us and some say has made us what we are. We cherish our individual freedoms as voters and seek a society with liberty and justice for all.

If voting is so danged important, why is it so many voters don’t vote?

Each of us has friends and relatives in the non-voter category. I celebrate the freedom to let other people decide policy and our laws, but am still engaged enough to work to influence society for the better. We can’t give up on that, although some people may like it better if I did.

Our general election is Nov. 6 and I hope readers will make it a point to vote.

The Republican Secretary of State took away straight Democratic, Republican or Libertarian ticket voting so we will have to vote each race individually. Voters will have to know a little about each candidate to vote the whole ballot.

Our civics teacher would like the idea of learning about all candidates and voting every race. That’s what I plan to do.

~ Published on Sept. 20, 2018 in the Solon Economist