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Influenza, Viruses and Sickness in the Land

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On Monday I went to the Urgent Care clinic for a persistent cold.

After a thorough examination, and many questions about the trajectory of symptoms, doctor leaned against the counter in the small examination room and pronounced, “it’s viral.” It could persist for another two weeks, she said.

I’ve run the course of Benzonate she prescribed for the cough. It is getting better. She wrote a second prescription for Amoxicillin and said hold it to see how things progressed. Later this morning, I’ll get it filled. I’m on the mend, but not well.

At least 43 Iowans died from influenza and viruses this season. Because of the delay in autopsy results, the actual number is likely higher.

At the home, farm and auto supply store employees have symptoms similar to mine. The store manager distributed a couple dozen aerosol cans of Lysol so we would keep everything sprayed down and hopefully disinfected. I don’t know if I gave the virus to others, or they gave it to me, but the whole workforce is coping. We are a sick land this January.

Today is the first time I’ve been able to concentrate on anything, and there is a backlog of post ideas and work delayed. Yet, I’m still here, sustaining our lives in a turbulent world.