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We’re Going Home — Bob Dvorsky

State Senator Robert Dvorsky Photo Credit – Iowa Legislature

State Senator Bob Dvorsky’s decision to retire at the end of his current term hits close to home for a lot of reasons.

He represented our family since we returned to Iowa in 1993. During the time since then he became a key player in Democratic politics and in the Iowa Legislature.

He did a lot for Iowans when Democrats held the majority in the Iowa Senate. He also worked to get things done regardless of which political party was in control.

With Bob Dvorsky in office, politics became personal in a way it hadn’t been before.

I began corresponding with him on issues shortly after he was elected to the Iowa Senate. My last letter from him, a response about the no wake issue on Lake Macbride, was dated April 25, 1996. A few years later I became politically active again and saw him everywhere, eliminating the need to write.

During the decades I’ve known him, I can’t recall a single time Bob didn’t seek me out for a brief conversation, whether at the capitol, at a political event, or at my workplace. He knew the owners of the company where I spent most of my transportation career, and after my retirement we encountered each other at the warehouse club where I worked part time. He was always positive and encouraging.

I understand he’s turning 70 next year and has had a good, 32-year run. He’s going home like so many in our generation. Bob’s retirement is a mile marker on my own journey home.

When people say all politics is local, I think of Bob Dvorsky. He’s been a friend and mentor who represented my interests in the legislature. I wish him well in the second half of the 87th Iowa General Assembly and ever after.