To the County Seat

Picasso with Harry Truman in 1958 Photo Credit - Truman Library

Picasso with Harry Truman in 1958, Vallauris, France Photo Credit – Truman Library

Today I celebrate my 65th birthday.

Some baking will be involved — maybe homemade pizza for supper or an applesauce cake. Maybe both. Maybe something else.

I plan a trip to the county seat, a tour of our yard and garden, and a walk by the lake — the beginnings of a late winter to-do list.

It’s all about anticipation in 2016’s pre-dawn darkness.

Yesterday historian Michael Beschloss posted this photo in social media. Seeking a copy for my birthday present, I searched the internet for the Harry S. Truman library and found the file. An 8 x 10 colored, glossy (or matte) copy could be mine for $20. Now that the image is posted I satisfied the urge and can spend my birthday money on something needed more.

In yesterday’s newspaper author Anne Keene wrote about the U.S. Navy Pre-flight School and Iowa’s participation as one of the sites during World War II.

“Before cadets could fly they had to graduate from ground school, where the Navy used hard-hitting sports such as football to build speed, agility and power for combat,” Keene wrote. “Pilots learned to swim and to survive in the outdoors along the wooded shores of Lake Macbride.”

In May 1942 John Glenn swam in the same waters I later did. My outing to Lake Macbride with a church group fixed Father in memory. He drove a group of us in a caravan from Davenport to Lake Macbride. He was also a fan of Glenn and the U.S. space program, taking us outside to watch the Telstar satellite pass over in the 1960s. I now see the same lake, which like all Iowa waters feeds a river of memories and experience into the vast gulf of commonality.

Mom sent me some birthday money, just as her mother did. It would be too plain to spend it all on groceries, fuel or sundries. I hope to spend part of it at a shop in the county seat later today on something I wouldn’t normally buy — a fit birthday project.

With Hillary Clinton Jan. 24, 2016

Wearing My Blue Shirt

I may buy a new blue button-down shirt since there is only one in my closet. It is my go-to garment for attending events and eventually it will wear out.  I need socks which I last bought at the discount store on Highway One near the airport. If I feel up for a drive, I could visit Stringtown Grocery near Kalona. I want more dried chervil leaf and it’s the only local place that sells it. It would be a shame to use maternal gift money to make a payment on the credit card or buy dairy products.

It’s still dark outside.

Writing is brief respite and today’s birthday gift. Something to engage a mind resident in an aging frame, preparing for the day.

Would that writing were all that needed doing today. For now, it serves.

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