No News From The Tower



The president-elect has withdrawn into Trumpworld.

“For nearly the entire week since he became president-elect, Donald Trump has been holed up in his gilded New York skyscraper,” wrote Julie Pace and Jill Colvin of Associated Press. “A steady stream of visitors has come to him, flooding through metal detectors and getting whisked up to Trump’s offices and penthouse residence.”

Reading the tea leaves after the Nov. 8 election is pointless until the new administration’s cabinet and staff is named — until the president-elect emerges.

As the procession of supplicants makes its way to the tower my advice is to hunker down and let chips fall where they will. The president-elect gets to name his own team and outsiders to may as well go piss up a rope as try to influence his decisions.

I’m keeping my powder dry and so should others who intend to resist the imminent rollback of long-established policies. This is a basic military tactic I learned as an infantry officer.

To be effective, we must be vigilant for now, and ready to resist the growing hegemony of Trumpworld.

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