Garden Plot Four 2016

Garden Plot with Kale. Peppers and Tomatoes

Garden Plot Four with Kale. Peppers and Tomatoes

I grew kale, hot peppers and Brandywine tomatoes in plot four this season.

It was a commodity plot in the 2016 rotation, one that received full sunlight most of the day.

Kale is still growing the third week in November, although it won’t be long before the plants are frosted beyond recovery.

Kale has become a reliable mainstay in my garden life. We use it fresh in a variety of dishes throughout the season. I give away more than we use to friends and library workers in town. Word from the library is many smoothies are made using the green and purple leaves. There was plenty this year.

The trouble was with hot peppers, Bangkok particularly. Because of abundant rain they grew and grew until taller than me. Pepper plants crowded out part of the kale rows reducing yield. I harvested Bangkok, Serrano and jalapeño peppers. More than I could use, but not enough to sell to local restaurants. The ice box and freezer are stocked with enough hot peppers to last until next year. I dehydrated more than enough Bangkok peppers to make red pepper flakes for friends who want them.

I settled on Brandywine tomatoes as my commodity producer, planting seven plants in plot four. They produced large, flavorful fruit in abundance. I harvested only a small portion of the crop because I couldn’t make time to get in the garden in August. Working four jobs outside home had a material impact on garden yield. What I did harvest was some of the best tomatoes ever.

Plans for next year: Plot four is a rotation plot so I won’t be sure until I make my seasonal plan toward the end of the year. Kale, peppers and tomatoes will go elsewhere next year.

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