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Chinese Chicken

Decorative Chicken
Decorative Chicken

My current inspiration is a decorative image of a rooster, made in China, and purchased at a home, farm and auto supply store.

Eying the clearance aisle wooden chickens for weeks, I finally bought one at a deep discount. The price tag was not much and the cash register receipt describes it as a 17-inch wooden rooster on a base. Deciding what to do with it will be more expensive in time and consideration. I just had to have it, as if an urge from the great beyond struck me.

“It represents nothing about us,” said a person who saw it.

It may represent most things that matter today I thought. It has the potential to present everything wrong and much that is right about living in the United States in 2016.

The task for the next few weeks is to ferret out the meaning of this black, red and grey bird. A meaning beyond its Chinese chicken-ness.