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Canning Soup Stock
Canning Soup Stock

Sunday’s indoor task was to process 14 quarts of soup stock made on Saturday in a water bath.

That was easy because mostly it is about filling jars, waiting for the water to boil, then setting a timer.

That part of the mission was accomplished.

The rest of the day was outdoors where I planted hot peppers (three varieties of Jalapeno, Serrano and Bangkok), put Brandywine tomato seedlings in the ground, and filled in the small number of gaps where first-planted seedlings didn’t take.

I mowed and collected grass clippings for mulch — a two hour project that was repeatedly halted to clear the tube leading to the bags. There were more clogs than usual. Once mulched, I re-arranged the fencing and installed a lightweight high fence around the kale-hot pepper plot to deter deer from jumping the fence. It looks home made, but was no cost and will serve.

A rabbit was munching or resting in the former lettuce patch. It ran for the thicket as I approached.

Despite a tiring day of work, not everything got done as planned.

At least there is stock.