Breaking Fast

Garden in March 2011

Garden in March 2011

After a week, I’m coming up for air.

Our daughter visited for four days — just over 96 hours. Once she was safely returned home, I was incapacitated with a headache, fever and dizziness for a full 48 hours.

Of course I went to work sick. That’s what low income people do.

I broke fast with some cornbread and milk for breakfast yesterday.

I also had the last follow up for my injured hand.

“Let me see you hand,” Doc said as he entered the examination room, barely closing the door.

After a quick look he said it was good and released me. Hand shake, fist bump and done in less than 60 seconds.

I like the efficiency and my employer likely does too.

I’m ready for work around the house and garden… work delayed by the last week’s events. I feel the pressure of being way behind, but still hope to get early planting done by Derby Day.

The forecast is great weather for working outside after my shift at the home, farm and auto supply store.

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