Into Winter 2016



One week into my new job at the home, farm and auto supply store I believe I can make it.

I move a lot of 40 pound bags of pet food, 50 pound bags of bulk grains and 70 pound sand tubes, providing upper body exercise without straining my back or shoulders. I can do the work.

While the rest of the ten grand needed to finance this year’s adventure remains elusive, I am confident of finding it. Thing is, the rest of life can’t wait until I do.

Because of three things, January will be about politics: the beginning of the Iowa Legislature’s second session of the 86th General Assembly, the impending Feb. 1 Iowa political caucuses, and President Obama’s last State of the Union Address next Tuesday. Any available time will be spent on political activity.

That said, priority one remains getting back to consistent, daily work on creative projects, beginning with a return to writing 1,000 words per day. The way days progress, mornings offer the best time to get that done. Evenings have been a mixed bag of meetings, shopping, cooking and existential errands. As the sun sets later, there will be more opportunity for activities that require physical activity, including work at a second job when I find it.

Despite challenges, I am hopeful. Such hope being enough to stave off the grim reaper for yet another year.

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