First Tomato

First Tomatoes Ripening

First Tomatoes Ripening

Barb called from the orchard.

She wanted to know if I planned to work as a mapper this season. The mapper helps people find apples in a u-pick operation. I said I thought so, but would have to confirm in a couple of weeks, well before the busy season.

Life is complicated for low wage workers working multiple jobs — a constant juggling act of tasks and priorities.

I went to my backyard grove of fruit trees and tasted an apple.

Sweetness is coming, but not here yet. The seeds are not mature, indicating we are a ways off. It won’t be long though. First order of business will be extracting juice from ripe apples to make more cider vinegar. After that, I’m not sure.

It is surprising how big the Amish Paste tomatoes are. I was expecting them to be like plum tomatoes, but they are much bigger. The first two are ripening. As with the apples, it won’t be long.

Lot’s to do on Ruhetag from the warehouse. Better get after it.

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  1. John Rachow says:

    The Amana Pastes are kind of late getting to full production, there is a lot of size variation but some fruits are whoppers, and great for making sauce for canning.


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