The Eyes Have It

First Tracks in the Dew

First Tracks in the Dew

My distance vision is improving, whereas my near vision is deteriorating, said my eye doctor during a recent examination.

I had broken three pair of glasses with the two most recent prescription lenses, and it was time to get a new pair. I don’t like it, but accept the inevitable progress of aging.

“Forget about those reading glasses they sell off the shelf,” he said. “Just take off your glasses and hold the book closer.”

So, I will.

This week will be spent close to home. Because of temporary changes in my warehouse schedule, I have six days off work in a row. It will be a time for catching up on household chores and setting an agenda for the rest of summer and beyond.

For the most part, this week’s writing will be on paper. I’ll begin cross posting content I write for Blog for Iowa Thursday.

Once I get my new glasses, I’m hoping for a totally new perspective, and from that, better writing.

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