Kitchen Garden

Back at the Farm

Inside the Greenhouse
Inside the Greenhouse

This week began another stint working at Local Harvest CSA. I’m back to soil blocking, planting seeds in trays and seedlings in the high tunnel in preparation for another season of vegetables. This year the plan is to work until the regular crew arrives in May—a month of physical labor to reinvigorate after winter’s inactivity. I’ll help with the first deliveries to members in two weeks.

The fields we burned earlier in the week look great, and the green up should be spectacular.

The work has been going a lot faster this year. With experience I’ve become better able to move from one task to the next. By the time I get fully proficient, my one-month stint on the farm will be about over.

That said, the rain has kept me out of the home garden where most of this year’s produce will originate. The green up in our yard has begun.