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Mining the Freezer

Tomato, Pesto, Parmesan Farfalle
Tomato, Pesto and Parmesan Farfalle

Our freezer shows a little space, but is still loaded with food.

I grabbed a pint jar of pesto and about three dozen cherry tomatoes from the freezer, some Parmesan cheese from the ice box, and a box of farfalle pasta from the pantry to make dinner.

It’s easy.

Cook the whole box of farfalle al dente. Strain and pour the lot into a big bowl. Spoon about half a pint of pesto on top, add the tomatoes (cut in half or peeled, the latter being easier with thawed, frozen tomatoes), and a cup of Parmesan. Stir gently with a rubber spoon, salt and pepper to taste, and it’s dinner.

Serve with a vegetable, some white wine, or lime sparkling water, and it is dinner, as good as it gets.

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I have never thought to freeze cherry tomatoes! I’m ashamed I’ve let so many go bad in the fridge. I love them in pasta dishes like this one! Thanks for the tip!


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