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Bits and Pieces – Spring Edition

Accidental Photo
Accidental Photo

After filing eight stories for the newspaper this week, and a freelance job, I’m ready to work on the garden. Before I do, a few bits and pieces from Big Grove.

Breakfast this morning began with my new favorite—home blended yogurt. We buy a large tub of plain yogurt at the warehouse and I mix it in a stainless steel bowl with spoonfuls of homemade jam or apple butter, dried fruits and nuts. It’s a simple pleasure and a boost of protein.

I decided to read 1381 next, for those who follow this blog. Just closing the loop on that.

At a fund raiser for Ed Fallon, I secured some horse manure for the garden. A friend keeps horses fed organically raised hay and he has plenty. As soon as I get my schedule from the warehouse, I’m planning to take some big black tubs over to their farm in the western part of the county to fill them up.

Speaking of filling things up, I began my street sweeping project to collect sand in buckets to use next winter. The first was filled yesterday and I hope to finish the project today. Some of that sand has been spread on the driveway multiple years.

Finally, with the warmer weather, I hope to built this spring’s burn pile on a garden plot. There was some damage over the winter, and with what’s left from the fall, it should make a big pyre, returning some minerals to the soil.