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Carpentry Crew

Polish-speaking Carpentry Crew in Schiller Park

After three days and two nights in Chicago it is good to be home.

The tail end of a cold persists, but I feel much better after spending a couple of days with peers from around the Midwest making sales presentations. We’re selling blenders on the Black Friday weekend—something else writers do to pay the bills.

I watched this Polish-speaking carpentry crew in Schiller Park get started on a project while waiting for our first conference session to begin. I was impressed by the uniform white T-shirts without logos, and the speed with which the partition wall went up. Wonder if they were hiring?

The exigencies of self-employment are always tapping at us, urging for our attention. Today there is a lot of work in the pipeline, and with a bit of organizing, I’ll be at it—bottom to the chair and typing away as quickly as the stories permit.

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