Big Grove News – Overnight Midterms

Corn Field

Corn Field

SCHILLER PARK, Ill.— The preliminary election returns for Big Grove Precinct arrived at 10:47 p.m. yesterday from the county auditor’s office. It will be a couple of days before the township trustee write-in votes will be tallied. Once those results are in, I’ll include a more complete analysis of the results and their meaning. For now, suffice it to say that the precinct voters behaved predictably.

Ours is a precinct made up of voters minted in reaction to the firestorm that has been our national media discourse since 2000. They vote on the perceived merits and qualifications of candidates rather than by party alliance. This is highlighted by the straight-party ticket voters: 136 Democratic, 174 Republican and 6 New Independent Party IA (whoever they are) out of 957 voters.

This cycle, they elected Joni Ernst to the U.S. Senate to replace retiring Senator Tom Harkin, 54 to 43 percent (This and all percentages in this post are in Big Grove Precinct only). Finally, Iowa is to send a woman to Washington.

Incumbent Democrat Dave Loebsack was returned to the U.S. Congress 51 to 49 percent. One hopes Dr. Mariannette Miller-Meeks has now gotten the message after her third attempt—we don’t want her.

We followed the rest of the state on statewide office elections, although more analysis about those races will be forthcoming once I have studied the differences. Terry Branstad gets a chance to serve as governor for the longest time of any American governor, including the ones who bridge the Revolutionary War with their service.

Our state senator, Bob Dvorsky, was uncontested, and is well liked, and he easily won reelection with 97 percent of the vote.

Incumbent state representative Bobby Kaufmann beat challenger David Johnson 65 to 35 percent. More analysis of this race will be forthcoming, but Kaufmann ran the superior ground game, by dominating media and sign advertising, and with his physical presence in the precinct.

Incumbent supervisor John Etheredge was the top vote-getter among the three board of supervisor candidates with 58 percent of the vote. Mike Carberry was next with 46 percent, and incumbent Janelle Rettig trailed with 39 percent. Based on county-wide voting, Rettig and Carberry will be sworn in as supervisors. This race is of particular interest to a discussion of the post 2000 voters, so watch for more on this.

Other uncontested county-wide races had Janet Lyness, Kim Painter and Tom Kriz garnering 99 percent of the vote. We retained judges, voted for people who were on the ballot for minor elected roles, although less than enthusiastically.

As the dateline indicates, I am away from home. More when I return later today.

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