Teeming with Life

Main Street

Main Street

SOLON— While waiting for the transcription from paper to digital, the newspaper office door was open on a cool spring evening. From that frame, I looked across the highway to the city park. There was a lot of traffic, and downtown, nary a parking spot to be found.

Commuters on their way home, a scrapper with corrugated metal stacked on a trailer, boaters and fishers and scores of unrecognized people bustling at the city’s main intersection. Life in motion.

Our publisher entered to download a few hundred photographs from the soccer game, then returned to see its conclusion— making sure some of the photos were good enough for the next edition. When the typist finished, I loaded the weekend’s work on my flash drive and headed home for dinner chez nous.

Main Street has become a place to be of an evening. The new brewery attracts people, and their appearance must be good for the pizzeria, the grocery store and other restaurants and bar. The town comes alive, and we couldn’t say that when we moved here more than 20 years ago.

Main Street is teeming with life, and most of it good.

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