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Thursday Mood in the Iowa Legislature

My writing desk in 1980.

Editor’s Note: The Iowa legislature is considering a law that requires our county and two others where state universities are located, to divide into districts where each district elects only one county supervisor. Currently, we elect all five supervisors at large. I tried to persuade my State Representative Brad Sherman to vote no should leadership bring this bill up.


It is in every Johnson County voter’s interest to vote no on SF 443.

The population of Johnson County is such that creating districts would lock in Democratic supervisors in all five districts, which is exactly the opposite of what proponents of this bill want. I don’t know about you, but I want the freedom to vote for the best candidates for all five supervisor seats as the current at-large elections enable. Don’t impinge on my freedom!

The one recent supervisor election won by Republican John Etheredge was won by Republicans getting out the vote in the entire county in a low turnout election. So, there’s another reason to favor the at-large system. It elected the first Republican supervisor in many years.

Maintaining the current at-large supervisor election process is in our best interests. Republicans have the votes to do almost whatever they want. In this case, voting no on SF 443 is the right choice. Do what makes sense and is right if leadership brings the bill up for a vote. Vote no.

Thanks for reading my email. Make it a great day!

Regards, Paul
Paul Deaton
House District 91 Constituent