Postcard Sorting

Postcards spread out on the dining room table.

The first two weeks of the year were spent organizing for writing. The process is to locate and engage with source material, then methodically go through it. Once sorted, I decide whether it serves my current writing. If it is for the autobiography, it goes into the outline for placement and the writing. I spent the last couple of days with my postcard collection.

Time with the collection was enjoyable. My spouse is visiting her sister for a few days, so I could spread out and work in spells. I savor the remembrances evoked by these mass-produced works of art. I stuck a postcard Father sent me in 1962 on my bulletin board.

Easily half of the cards can be given away or shredded for garden compost. I put those in a separate box. Many were purchased at auctions and thrift stores. I bought some in a fit of collection fever. Not many of them have any intrinsic value beyond my interest.

A stack was postcards sent to me. Those have a place in my working binders where they will be sorted by date. I picked a couple out to pin on bulletin boards. Some went into related books, and most of what remains will get tucked away until the next round of use. When there are hundreds, it is hard to pick a couple for varied uses.

I favor sending friends note cards in envelopes these days. I have a roll of forever postcard stamps, yet I’d rather keep most messages private. It is a sign of the times that I no longer send or receive many postcards. The ones I set aside from the collection should yield some decent daily drafts.

I read the entire double-spaced, 336-page manuscript. While this took a while, it was essential to understanding where I am in the narrative. I’m ready to proceed with a daily writing goal and get started. There are still a couple of months of winter remaining.

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