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Looking Toward 2023

Seed delivery.

Seeds went on sale at Johnny’s Selected Seeds and I placed a typical fall vegetable seed order. The cost savings were important, although I’m more anxious to get started with next year’s garden. I labeled packets with the gardening year of their intended use and filed them away. Apparently I decided to grow a lot of Romaine lettuce and got 1,000 pelleted Monte Carlo seeds.

Wednesday was a punk day with negative feedback from the election coming in via all media.

The preliminary results for Big Grove Township are that Republicans swept all the top races. Voter turnout in both parties was much less than in 2020. Chuck Grassley beat Michael Franken 563-473; Mariannette Miller-Meeks beat Christina Bohannan 565-473; Kim Reynolds beat Deidre DeJear 570-434; Dawn Driscoll beat Kevin Kinney 529-503; and Brad Sherman beat Elle Wyant 574-442.

In the county supervisor race, votes were split among five candidates as follows: Phil Hemingway – 580, Jammie Bradshaw – 537; Jon Green – 422; V. Fixmer-Oraiz – 351; and Erick Heick – 34.

Public Measure 1, adding language about Second Amendment rights to the Iowa Constitution, was approved here 562-436.

County-wide, Democrats won all of these races except House District 91, and Public Measure 1 failed.

The best result of the last few days was receiving my first order of garden seeds. Politics has been a disappointment the last few years. I plan to stick to gardening in 2023.

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