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Election Returns Tonight

Solon baseball field.

Today’s task is to find something useful to do while waiting for primary election returns after 8 p.m. tonight. There are a number of results-watching gatherings around the county. I don’t like driving after dark, so it will be me at my computer staying up past my bedtime.

The county has a number of contested races with key legislators Mary Mascher, Joe Bolkcom, and Christina Bohannan deciding to leave the legislature at the end of this term. Usually, these have been secure seats where there was no contest, and re-election assured. Change is in the future of the Johnson County delegation to the legislature.

I’m also interested in Linn County’s races, particularly the Molly Donahue-Austin Frerick Iowa Senate Race. I favor Donahue. I would also like to see Liz Bennett win her state senate primary over Joe Zahorik. The rest of the contests are less interesting yet important to follow. Based on who filed in which district, it seems unlikely Democrats will gain control of either chamber of the legislature this cycle.

In my precinct, the U.S. Senate, Secretary of State, and County Supervisor primaries are the only contested races. Our precinct has been losing Democrats over the past ten years, so I’m interested in how we turn out and vote because I’m not sure how our state legislative electorate will evolve. Losing Cedar County and gaining Iowa County will no doubt make it more conservative overall. I’m watching the Republican race to challenge Elle Wyant, although it seems a foregone conclusion Brad Sherman will win among the six candidates.

The weather is forecast to be mild so I’ll work in the garden. I’m also writing a letter to the editor due to be submitted and published after the primary. There is plenty to do as we await the results. I’ll have more to say after the winners are known.