Kitchen Garden

Cleared to Plant

Third plot spaded and ready to till and plant. April 17, 2021
Me: Guessing everyone is planting tomorrow and no soil blocking. I could use the day in the garden.
Farmer: Yes! Thanks for texting and also for knowing.

Earthworms are up and Robins returned in numbers: sure signs of spring.

Conditions are perfect for another day in the garden. Yesterday I spaded the plot for onions and shallots. The ground was wet, so I let it dry overnight. Today I plan to rototill and get them in the ground. Sunrise will be at 6:21 a.m. on this partly cloudy day.

Everything on my initial seeding schedule is planted in soil blocks. Seedlings are backing up everywhere… at home and on the vegetable farms. Greenhouse space must be cleared to make way for the next succession of plants. While it’s too early to plant frost-sensitive plants, I acquired some row cover as part of the barter agreement. I’m thinking about a row of lettuce, radicchio, spinach and radishes under it. Gardening season is here!

The new apple trees are leafing out, meaning they survived winter. It’s too soon for fruit this year. It looks like the legacy trees will produce despite fall blooms last year. The pantry is still loaded with apple products of harvests past: applesauce, dried apples, apple butter and apple cider vinegar. I’m good.

A simple breakfast: Coffee, applesauce and a slice of flatbread leftover from dinner. Next, do dishes, change clothes, and get busy.