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Tree bark on the state park trail, April 6, 2021.

For the first time since February 2020 I got a haircut at a professional shop. Despite two home haircuts during the coronavirus pandemic it was shaggy.

It felt good seeking a professional now that I’m fully vaccinated. The mask-wearing stylist asked me how I wanted it cut. As usual, I didn’t know. I suggested we look at the various sized combs that go with the electric clipper and she pulled four of them out of her drawer. We settled on number six.

My instructions were the same as always: tapered in back, a part on the left side, and cut it short in front so the outdoors wind doesn’t blow it into my eyes. We both wore masks during the session.

Getting my hair shorn was a welcome break from a year of contagion.

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I had my first haircut of the new year just recently. Whole new experience! When J.C. Penny’s closed up it’s hair dressers my most recent barber and my wife’s hair dresser retired. That required finding a new person. My wife discovered our hair dresser’s niece worked in Monticello, so she went there and was satisfied. Since I was getting that look of Jack Nickelson in his movie “It’s about Schmidt” it was time. Now I’m not a person who enjoys change, and what a change this was! My wife had set up and appointment for noon and I walked in the door ten minutes early. I went directly to a chair and before the appointment was scheduled to even happen I was out in my car! Paying a little over 17 bucks for a haircut that lasted five minutes at the most, didn’t give me the time to even get to know the gal that cut my hair! For me, hair cuts are meant for a little relaxation and BS, after all, I never made over $200 an hour for a job in my life, and if you figure out the hourly rate, that is what she was getting paid! I guess I’m going to have to shop around to find me a horse and buggy barber that understands my need for socialization and relaxation for those few times I need a little trimmed off the eye brows.

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