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Theresa Greenfield Wants A Real Conversation With Iowans

Theresa Greenfield

What conversation does Joni Ernst want to have with Iowans about the fall election for United States Senate?

If a recent advertisement by the National Republican Senatorial Committee is an indication, she doesn’t want any conversation with Iowans. She’s letting third party interest groups do her dirty work hoping to ride the coat tails of Donald Trump to a second term.

The ad depicts Theresa Greenfield’s work as the president of a home building company in an unfavorable light. When I interviewed Greenfield about this work on Feb. 22 here’s what she said:

“I went into home building and eventually became the president of a small home building company in Iowa. That was fun through the recession, until it wasn’t any more fun. We sold the assets at the end of 2011.”

I included it in the profile as part of Greenfield’s work history. Senator Ernst and the NRSC are grasping at straws to make something of this work experience.

The company was Twin Cities-based Ruttlund Homes which went into receivership in 2011. Greenfield was president of the Iowa division when a global recession reduced property values and banks stopped lending. Thousands of home builders went out of business. Did Greenfield get caught up in the massive recession? Yes. Has she been honest about it? Also yes.

Part of being a successful businessperson is having experiences such as this one. How one learns and reacts to business challenges is the mettle of which character is made. While losing her business and source of income was disappointing, Greenfield’s resiliency enabled her to be successful in a commercial real estate company where she eventually became president.

The conversation Theresa Greenfield wants to have with Iowans is about resiliency, optimism, and the jobs we need to get done after the disastrous years Ernst served in the U.S. Senate. She wants to represent every Iowan.

If Ernst chooses to go negative, that’s her liability. Voters will hopefully see through the noise and vote for Greenfield.

~ Written for Blog for Iowa