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Garden 2020

Friday I planted the first seeds in trays at home. They were,


Talon, Johnny’s Selected Seeds, 104 days.
Red Burgundy, Ferry-Morse, 100 days.


Matador, Johnny’s Selected Seeds, 105 days.

I’m experimenting with shallots this year. My friend Simone grew them so I know they can be grown in Iowa. I’m also planting them both at the farm and at home using different techniques.

It is now gardening season.

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Yay for the new gardening season! I happened upon your blog when I was searching for Midwestern garden blogs to invite folks to the Garden Bloggers Fling. This year, we’ll be in the Midwest–in Madison, Wisconsin–in June. You can find out more by visiting my blog, or google “garden bloggers fling.” Invite your garden blogging friends, too!

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