Politics Near the Lake

Tulsi Gabbard at a house party near Lake Macbride

BIG GROVE TOWNSHIP — On Tuesday a neighbor hosted presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard at his home.

On a large patio facing Lake Macbride, about 40 people gathered to hear what the candidate from Hawaii had to say. That is, 25 regular people along with sundry staff, volunteers, journalists, photographers, and videographers.

I invited the editor of our local paper, The Solon Economist, and he attended.

What’s newsworthy is it was the only presidential campaign event to be held in Big Grove Township, and one of only two in the Solon area this cycle.

As a neighbor, I baked an apple crisp to serve at the event using Northern Spy, Macoun, and Red Delicious apples picked at home and at the orchard. My neighbor supports Gabbard because of her views on defense department spending. I was recognized for my apple work.

I met Gabbard the summer of 2016 at Congressman Dave Loebsack’s Brews and BBQ fundraiser a few miles away. She has yet to make a memorable impression, although I don’t feel negativity toward her as I did when I met Bernie Sanders in 2014. The brief speech under sunny skies was not enough to have me remove the Elizabeth Warren bumper sticker from my car.

It was a unique event in our neighborhood and I was glad to be part of it. Any time a sitting member of congress shows up here it is worth the time to listen and learn.

James Q. Lynch of the Cedar Rapids Gazette posted an article about the event here.

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