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Lest my silence be interpreted as acceptance of the 45th president and his administration’s actions in the run up to the 2016 election and during his tenure as president, let me make it clear.

Donald J. Trump should be removed from office as soon as is practical.

I don’t know if the current news about his work to get Ukraine to “do him a favor” will prove to be impeachable. What is certain is if it isn’t, he will do or has done something else that is.

The man has taken a wrecking ball to society and our government and I don’t believe our lives will be the same post-Trump. We’ll make the best of it when Democrats inevitably return to power, although some of the damage is permanent. Removal from office can’t come soon enough.

It isn’t just the president. He has the backing of moneyed interests to accomplish the agenda they want and have wanted since Franklin Delano Roosevelt was in office. The president is not skilled enough to come up with such a detailed, well-coordinated agenda on his own. He continues to be the yes-man for all that right-wing conservatives have asked in return for helping him rise to power.

The road back to power is difficult for reasonable people, including Democrats. Most I know seek out common sense in what the president is attempting to do. There is no sense to it. What we find is the incoherent raving of a man subject to right-wing power beyond his control. To make sense of it is also to unintentionally make a case for his actions when there seldom is one, at least one perceptible from the media circus.

There has been so much news this month I haven’t been able to keep up. I remember feeling this when Watergate began to break. I’ll do now what I did then: Let sh*t fall for a while and hope reporters and elected officials do their work. The main question I have is whether Congress will produce meaningful Articles of Impeachment from the coming Ukraine investigations. I hope so but it’s not assured and the president will fight them as best he can.

The pace of breaking news prevents me from processing it before the next brick falls. What else can I do?

What will convince enough people to remove the president from office? How will dissatisfaction with his performance register on the national agenda? What can rank and file voters do to raise meaningful awareness of this pressing need?

I don’t have answers yet, but behind my food and politics posts, I’ll be working on them.