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Cleaning the Gutters

Garden Viewed from the Roof

During Saturday morning rain gutters overflowed on both sides of the house. As soon as it stopped, I climbed up a ladder and cleaned them out.

The blockage was mostly leaves from the pin oak tree which sheds them with new spring growth.

At 67 years my roof-walking days are numbered. I’m thinking of my octogenarian uncle who died from a fall from his roof in Alabama. I’m somewhere in between roof-walking and having someone else do it.

Garden ground continues to be too wet for tillage, the next task on my spring to-do list. I went through the lettuce seedlings in the garage, transplanting the best ones into larger containers, and turning the rest into dinner salad. I got my hands dirty with soil, just barely. This wet spring is getting old.

It was another light day at the farm with only 20 seedling trays to prepare. I had seven trays left in the greenhouse and brought the three with tomatoes home. More planting backlog.

At some point the rain will break and the ground will dry out. When exactly that is is uncertain.

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I’m doubting my own garden this year. Between breakdowns with the tiller and the fact there’s been very little time to turn soil, I’ve resorted to a shovel to get some potatoes in by the end of the week. Otherwise, the farmer’s market is looking more and more appealing! 🙂

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