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Easter in the Germination Shed

First Spring Flower in Our Yard

Seven of us worked in the germination shed at Sundog Farm on Easter morning.

The farmers were preparing dinner for their extended family. I brought them two quarts of home made vegetable soup for lunch in case they hadn’t thought about it with all the meal preparations. It was well received.

My broccoli is ready to plant, however, I seeded it in a tray with parsley, which is not. I brought the tray home to figure out how to make both plants grow optimally. Marginal planning on my part.

The peppers planted two weeks ago have not germinated which is slightly concerning. Peppers take longer but I’d hoped the plants would be emerging today. Tomatoes planted last week haven’t germinated either. That is to be expected.

Everything else is coming along, and the peppers may be coming along, only I don’t know it.

I planted,

Red Ace Beets, Johnny’s Selected Seeds, 50 days.
De Milpa Tomatillos, Johnny’s Selected Seeds, 70 days.
Bellezia Arugula, Johnny’s Selected Seeds, 51 days.
Fairy Tale Eggplant, Johnny’s Selected Seeds, 65 days.
Galine Eggplant, Johnny’s Selected Seeds, 65 days.

This is the first time planting beets in trays. It is a common practice so I’m giving it a go. There are now eight trays in the germination shed with the next up for planting being spinach and lettuce, maybe next week.

Arugula has tiny seeds. A gust of wind blew through the germination shed taking a batch of arugula seeds with it. Luckily there were more in the packet.

The other experiment this year is tomatillos. I had some from CSA shares last year and they keep in the ice box for a very long time. They are a great alternative to tomatoes for making salsa.

It was a clear, beautiful day, the kind farmers and gardeners want.

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